Braille Hot-Line Contacts

The following Wisconsin Braille Inc. members are willing to answer questions in their area of expertise. All have National Library Service (NLS) certification in literary braille. In addition, all have an additional certification in their area of expertise if one is available.

Textbook Format Certification from National Braille Association, Inc. (NBA)
Constance Risjord: (

Braille Music Certification from NLS
Lindy Walton: (

Nemeth Certification from NLS
Lindy Walton: (

Chemistry Code (Nemeth Certified)
Lindy Walton: (

Tactile Graphics

MegaDots, Duxbury
Duxbury Systems: (

Bob Step Braille2000, LLC: (
Lindy Walton: (

Transcription Services
Audio and Braille Literacy Enhancement (ABLE)
Ph: 414-286-3039

Braille Library and Transcription Services (BLTS)
Ph: 608-233-0222

OSCI Braille, ATTN: Kurt Pamperin
Ph: 920-231-4010 Ext. 2208